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Current waiting time for panties is now 10 days.

Sniff my pantiesDespite it stating clearly on my website – I am still being asked to provide scat items!

I do not disapprove of other panty girls selling poo and poo stained knickers but I personally prefer NOT to do it. I hate going a poo and wiping my bum as it is (I dont deal with SHIT very well, yuk!) so I’m definately not going to shit in my panties for anyone or send lumps of my shit in the post so please dont ask me to.

Just for the record, I also do not sell my used tampons or period knickers as I do not deal with blood very well either.

Onto a more positive subject – I am waiting for my Panty Trust Membership to be completed and hope this will be done by the end of the week. I have emailed my verification photos, paid my panty trust fee and sent my verification panties in the post yesterday, so I will soon be Panty Trust Verified wooohooo.

I’ll update on this as soon as I receive confirmation from them.

I’m off to enjoy the rest of this gorgeous sunny afternoon,

Have a good day

Love Pussy xxxxxxxxx


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